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Curly Naka is a character whom was created by Naka for his Minecraft runthrough. She was voiced by Naka as well, funnily enough. She also gets a surprising amount of characterization, which is to expected by a three arc story.


It is implied that Curly Naka was already an adventurer by the time She met Friend. After which, she became a role model of sorts to him, and they went through the typical "Story Mode" of Minecraft. However, Her antics have caused her to go through breakdowns a few times.

During the last part of Act 1, Her character really started to develop, beginning with her death to the Enderdragon. This affected Friend negatively, which, in turn, affected Curly Naka.

At the beginning of Arc 2, Curly Naka was found alone in the desert with few tools. From here, she made an impressive Journey Home, which, after going slightly depressive via Sign Maker, she was captured.

In Arc 3, Fate's Grasp, she has been fully captured by the Sign Maker, having been completely broken. After a while, however, she realized the truth about "The World", and defeated the Sign Maker one and for all, ending the series.


Curly Naka is an extremely mentor-type character throuout Arc 1, which quickly dissolved afterwards. Fromthere, she became manic depressive, lonely, and increaasing insane to the point of crying. This was resolved in the end, however.