Elemental ogre by nakate-d4igrts

Ogre's (Current) design.

"Stab Stab Stab"

ElementalOgre is a friend of NakaTeleeli , and frequently plays with him (or at least co-commentates) during his playthroughs. He was with Naka in the very first LP, and is still present today. He tends to serve as the darker side of Naka, being brash, vulgar, and rude. That being said, the two actually get along great, and only really argue when nitpicking, which is prone to happen.

Ogre does not have a Let's Play Channel of his own. He does have a Youtube Channel(only video),and he took control of Naka's Persona 4 Let's Play. He is known very well in that LP for his massive grinding.

By comparison to Naka, Ogre is a more reckless player, more fond of rushing into situations on impulse, when he thinks it's safe whereas Naka will wait to confirm so. He is also fond of causing Naka some mischief, even going so far as to throw him into pits, for example. He holds back on this aspect when the level is hard enough on it's own, however.

Ogre has an extreme dislike for trees, as seen in the Paper Mario LP. This has yet to be explained.